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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Madame Mulch Says.....

Rained all last night and the night before. Woke up this morning and it was deep fog. Taking the kitchen garbage up to the can, I looked out and the fog had receded leaving everything with a sparkle of moisture.  

Again, I had to make that decision. Do I run back for the camera and risk missing the scene unfurling in front of me? Or, do I miss a good photo op?

Got back with my camera just in time for the dawn to go behind some clouds. 

So I take some pictures of what is growing around my feet.

Blooms heavy with rain drops.

There! I caught it! Good thing I ran back and got my camera!

That was it for the sun, just that moment in time.

I know I have told you the story about my Florida Primrose.

April showers bring back the flowers from the ground. 

Clumps of Daffodils in the woods. 

That is an extra large Forsythia!

Benny, I love you!

They are so pretty in the morning light.

Ok, I will tell the story about the Primrose who traveled thirteen hundred miles to Florida to bask in the sun for two weeks, and then, turned around and came back, all the way, to Michigan and have grown in the garden every spring since then. 

That big ole' Forsythia has been trimmed back countless times and the branches thrown into the woods only to sprout up out of the ground where I threw them!

Madame Mulch says, "Don't forget to enjoy the Forsythias and Daffodils." I love their yellow blooms in between the rain drops and showers. Spring has sprung in the Holler!

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