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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Treasures From Afar

I like to think of myself as the sea captain that sails his big old boat of a truck from northern freshwater ports to southern Atlantic ports and finds one of a kind items for Anchor Cottage to sell. 

I tried to veer away from nautical items, in the shop, last year.

With so little space I had to give up something!

Couldn't help myself, down in West Palm, I brought back all my favorite nautical decorations to sell at Anchor Cottage. 

Bedding world was moved to a new spot in the shop. 

It is a little tight for photographing the bed.

It is a pretty little corner though.

Had fun collecting table top pieces. 

Pretty fabric, plates and flowers on the table. 

Crystal nappies are hot hot hot!

A piece here a piece there and it all adds up. 

Three different blue and white finds from three different places along the way.  

Together they make a pretty vignette displayed on your sideboard or in your kitchen hutch. 

The mix of patterns, animals and blues. 

Lobster traps and hemp fenders with a channel marker to boot! 

Quite the collection of home decor for the cottage this summer.

Took me the whole week to set up, display, price and invoice. Saturday's opening was a lot of fun as we were celebrating Dr. Griffiths accomplishment with Rose and lemon cookies all through the day.

Stop by and see the new product in the store with more shipping in every week!   

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