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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Following The Sun

Here, on the Leelanau Peninsula, we are an agrarian society.

Which allows us to witness first hand the change in the land as the sun moves south and sets lower on the Lake Michigan horizon. 

We have been watching the harvest of the land starting with the rhubarb/asparagus crops into strawberry/raspberry and onto cherries. With other delicacies that grow in this special climate. Leeks, Morals and Apricots. Autumn is extra special because we see the apples on the trees turning color with the Sumac along side the roads. A warm, deep red, the color of grapes waiting to be picked. I feel that living on this land, surrounded by water, and ruled by the setting of the sun and the rising of the moon, that we are much more aware of our roots as foragers. Fishing in our protected bays, the Perch tasting like fresh air. The road I live on winds west to east with a farmer on every corner. So we see, first hand, what an agricultural gem we occupy. It is with these thoughts that I set the table at the shop.

Loving the warm Autumn sunshine. 

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