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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Jamming At The Shop

I love taking pictures of the stock in the shop! 

When I review the photos it is through the eyes of my customers, what are they seeing? Anchor pillow, sold!

The word "color" in all it's glory is the thought that comes to mind first! There are a lot of shoppers that gravitate toward neutrals and I see them head straight toward the item that they can wrap their head around! 

As I cull through the photos, that I just took Friday morning, quite a few of the items have sold before I could post you this visual of the inventory crammed into this very tight floor space. 

I notice, as I go through the pictures, that Anchor Cottage is heavy into textiles. 

As the shop being so small it is possible to get wiped out in a weekend! This throw, sold!

Putting together a harvest themed table for August. 

It's the little things that make the store unique. 

Chocolate tapers on an aqua blue table with fuschia place mats. 

Darling Fox pillows for the porch swing. 

Bamm! The color fairy strikes again. 

A child's desk full of hand knitted hats. 

Chinoiserie at it's best. 

Cool indoor/outdoor rug, sold!

Fun activities happening on every side of the Leelanau Peninsula. 

Hostess gifts, to go, in a basket with a pretty bow. 

Tony Seagull and her friend flew in from Texas for a visit. 

Wait until you see the Liberty Of London pillow shams that came in late yesterday. They are beautiful and I will post a photo, for you to see, in the next couple of days. 

A little color goes a long way!

 "We Be Jamming" to Will Hoge "Small Town Dreams" and "The Wreckage" cds, that are for sale, here, in Anchor Cottage. Getting really good feed back on the music. We turn it up and the customers start humming and then they want to know, who is this dude!

Have a happy day!

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