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Monday, September 4, 2017

Shorebird Studio

Chinoiserie Chic
Thinking of how to decorate the weekly rental. First, we had to name the little one room studio, to envision what it could look like. Thus, Shorebird, as I am hanging all of my framed bird prints, I have collected over the years, on one wall. 

Turner Pocock bedroom
Seven hundred square feet to put sleeping, eating and seating. 

Here is another home decorated by the super talented team of Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock of Tu...
Create some sort of dictated entry way. A space for flip flops and beach bags. Some where to set down your keys. 

Michelle Obama Stuns While Traveling in Mallorca

Not to change the subject, but this is the kind of confidence I want to exude when I walk onto a yacht! Love all three pieces, the wrap, top and basket. You rock Michelle Obama!
There are two plaid chairs, at a friends house, that need upholstering! Just saying.

A Labor Day in the rain gives me time to think and sort out the days priorities...clean the garage!!

Happy Labor Day!


Amzonie said...

When I'm ready and organized enough, you'll have to be my interior decorator!! This looks fabulous!!!!

Anchor Cottage said...

Thank you Andria!


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