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Friday, September 29, 2017

Autumn Days

Look up, Mary Ann, way up over your head. Spy the Peace Roses in the sky.

How many years have I had this rose bush? It may be it's fourth or fifth season. It smells as lush as it looks. 

The rose on the bottom is level with my head, just to give you a scale of height, I am five feet two inches. 

My baby Chocolate Kisses. 

Remember I told you that beach days were over? I lied about no more beach days until Florida. September gave us a handful of perfectly beautiful beach days. Except, this day. I had just finished painting in the passage when this black storm cloud appeared in the picture! I no longer had it painted in and the wind picked up causing white caps on the water and we had to duck behind our beach chairs because the sand was blowing so hard. We made it off the beach. I have never had a squall come through that quick in sixty one years!

Tomato soup, tomatoes and cottage cheese, tomato sandwiches, frozen tomatoes, tuna salad on tomatoes, tomatoes and mozzarella with basil, they just keeping showing up on the window sill.

Friday morning musings.
 Have a nice weekend.

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