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Monday, October 2, 2017

The Will Hoge Show

Steve and I and my tiny little point and shoot camera headed down to Flint, Saturday, to listen to Will Hoge play. The venue was located in the middle of Buick Town, Flint MI. Lot of heavy metal and tats. 

We arrived in time to watch the tour manager conduct band set up to specifications. 

Hey, Machine Shop stage hands, can you move that wedge over there? And, we need that wedge on the drummers stage. Oh yea, and can you move that wedge over there? These wedges weigh a ton. 

What Brett Walker produced, tonight, was a perfect balance of sound output. Right on brother Brett. 

Interesting profile, this guy, couldn't take my eyes off of his beautiful nose and forehead. 

It may sound funny but when you are shooting faces you get addicted to the lines and creases. 

Thom Donovan plays his guitar as the extension of his heart and soul. 

Ha ha! this gentleman had the cat seat on the stage. 

Because of the stage set and lighting the camera had a hard time with the auto focusing and light exposure. Standing out in front of the stage the light appears as a soft surround but the camera couldn't make up it's mind on the f stops. 

Allen Jones on the drums, give him some! I was able to get some good photos of him in action. 

Oh yea baby, the song writer, story teller with an unique delivery. Can not really put my finger on his influences. I think he is an original.  

His voice reminds me of folk singers from the past. Telling their stories in song. He creates a melodic hook that draws you in and keeps you humming that last tune underneath your breath. 

Will Hoge, he is the "Reckoning". 

Off of center stage is my bass player. He got a scholarship to play guitar from Berklee College of Music. He left playing bass. 

Christopher has a serious soul, his passion is playing music. 

He has an innate sense of other performers and can hear what they need from him. He is a gifted player. 

The band, along with the band engineer perfectly showcased the music written by Will Hoge. 

They come from Mississippi, North Carolina, St Louis, Tennessee and Michigan to put together a "Middle Of America" sound. 

Maybe if that shooter in Vegas had had a choice, "Guitar Or A Gun" he could have chosen the guitar.

If you have a chance please take a listen to the "Anchors" cd along with "the wreckage" and "Small Town Dreams", you will hear the reflection of the times "Even If It Breaks Your Heart".

Thank you, men, for an outstanding two hours of music.  

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