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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Indulge Me This Nautical
Nautical feel, cottage vibes, industrial spaces, colorful BoHo..decorating styles for anyone. I seem to lean toward the nautical interior because, besides living surrounded by water, I like the crisp, fresh and relaxed attitude it portrays

Anchor Hooks
I sold the black wrought iron anchor hooks in the shop! Love the way they are used, here in the entry, hung individually instead of being mounted on a board. 

Nautical Decorations
Nautical decor is derived from the light off the water. There are so many blues reflected, from sandy blue to turquoise underlined in navy blue. White blue, light blue and sandy waves of blues! 

I like how you can see the entire print through the glass lamp. This works.
Water horizons are as wide as they are tall with the ever moving surf and waves. The colors are are soft and iridescent, natural hues and lots of clear glass. 

An anchor door knocker makes a great statement

Ha ha! Closed the door on that subject!!

None of these photos are from the same home and yet they all work together. Pulling the waterside theme from room to room. Amazing where our inspirations can involve from. 

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