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Monday, October 9, 2017

Behind The Blue Door

I love stripes.

Who am I today? That is a question I ask myself every morning when it is time to get dressed! Maybe next summer, to make it easier, I will buy all red, white and blue, plus some black stripped shirts, dresses and sweaters to wear. Then I will know who I am! The lady who decorates cottages on the big water. 

custom sofa in the living room is upholstered in a de Le Cuona fabric, the side table is by Henredon, the chest is a 19th-century ship’s cabinet and the French still life is from the 1930s.

Finding myself on pinterest. What do I like? Surprising myself when I choose decor that, personally, I do not have at home. 

Tour A Historic Long Island Farmhouse - Farmhouse Decor

Some day I would like a small, stand alone townhouse, to decorate for myself, on the eastern seaboard. 


As I scan through the pinterest pictures I find myself drawn to blues, cremes and little old lady decorating schemes!  

toile panels with short double pleat & velvet piping at top of header

Pretty and fresh and simple.

Roswell Cottage - Lisa Gabrielson Design

Soft and cushy

lisa fine
English floral, chintz and velvet.

Eastern Canada's best homes.

A waterside element, of course.

That is what I would love to have. 

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