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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Unloading The Jeep

Eleven hour drive and one large pizza latter...

...Steve unloaded the Jeep and I sorted through the pile.

Ordered fifteen yards of "Lamb Natural", furry fabric with a faux suede back, to cover his Victorian sofa! He wasn't quite sold until I showed him the pillows that I will make for him!

New reading material for this holiday weekend in front of the fire!
Yeah right! Party is at the shop, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! A special sale and wine with cookies for all my customers! 

I did miss my leather recliner!

A quick look out the window at the snow, leaves and firewood. 

Putting away vacation gear, a beach bag, travel bedding and a bag full of sand and shells.

The other half of the load is still in the car waiting to be hauled down to Anchor Cottage. Lots of new fabric swatches and Found items to bring into the shop.

I got quite a bit accomplished on this trip. Saltwater watercolors, historic wanderings and long walks on the beach.

Thankful to be home safe and sound.

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