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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Anchor Cottage In The Middle Of July!

The second order of Emma Bridgewater pottery came in this week. So, of course, I had to reset the table!

I have been bringing in the "vintage" crystal candlesticks and Waterford biscuit jars to use in the mix. Or, on the marble counter tops, filled with dog treats! 

The faux Geraniums are really smashing! The color is so rich against the color of the iron urns. Would make a nice display on the sideboard. 

Terra Firma pottery, out of New York, mixes with the Emma Bridgewater dishes and the "sir madame" crockery. 

Some days it amazes me how many different "lines" it takes to create a vignette. 

When I think of every piece, for resale in the store, is hand picked I just shake my head. What a lot of thought, plus impulse, goes into creating the whole look.  

I just keep layering it on! By the way, this acrylic glassware is the is the "bee's knees", it comes in wine, water, highball and rocks sizes, clear, green, pink, orange and yellow colors. 

Art is what makes home decor sing! 

The pillows just keep piling through. 

Ah, this bed says it all. Crisp, clean and comfortable. 

I have Money's folk art all over the shop. 

Ben Zaricor's billboard art.

Mary Blocksma's prints, worked in, around every corner. 

The sunset colors. 

Emma and Big Tomato from Stoke-On-Trent, England.

Before I know it, August will be knocking at my door, and the table will have to be set for Autumn and the bed changed into cozy comforters and sheets.

But, until then, enjoy the fabulous July weather we are having! 

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