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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Airing Out The Wife

Pyramid Point, jutting out into Lake Michigan, covered in snow. 

A squall coming in as we stop on top of the hill to catch a picture. 

A pair of Manitou Islands. 

The water is up this winter. 

Every grey stone is on the beach. Found one piece of beach glass. 

I love the color of the beach grass in the snow. 

The spit of land is covered in water.

Driftwood on the snowy beach. 

See the waves coming in from either direction?

Came home from Florida mid November and just now had a day to ourselves. Blowing out the merchandise in the shop and packing what was still there, in boxes, took a full month. Today the movers came and picked up what was left and brought it to the Holler. Being full from feasting and not having used my camera for thirty days made me cranky so my husband rolled me into the truck and down the path to the beach and the water. After a walk and some fresh air I feel like a nap! Thank you husband honey! 

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