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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Let's Take A Break From The Sale

Usé esta falda en tres contextos diferentes de tres maneras distintas y te confieso que después de este post la dejaré descansar por un buen rato.
Thinking warm and sunny days skipping down the shoreline in this cheerful, ruffled skirt!

BLUE LOVES GREEN - Mark D. Sikes: Chic People, Glamorous Places, Stylish Things
Mark D. Sikes

This is "breathing room" fresh. 

Navy with classic pumps
Leelee Sobieski
The dress could cover many bases.

Inspiration for pillows and wall hangings Furlow 121313 - rodcollins
Furlow Gatewood
I am always attracted to his decor.

Ceramic Chinoiserie Stud post with a freshwater pearl

Chinoiserie Stud Earring

Come to mamma.

Old School in Nantucket by Markham Roberts - The Glam Pad


Good reflection of light using just one window. 

Simple wedding dress. Leave out the groom, for the moment let us focus on the bride-to-be who views the wedding ceremony as the best day of her lifetime. With that basic fact, then it is certain that the wedding outfit should be the best.
Colección Jose Maria Peiró
Simply classic. 

So I took a break, from blowing out Anchor Cottage, to see what I had pinned in my pinterest file these last few weeks.
 Pinterest is always a good indicator of the styling thoughts flowing around in my subconscious.
 Red, white and blue have always been the best colors, for me, in my wardrobe.
 Straight, simple forms complement my shape.

 The ear bobs could work all the way through summer!
 Also realized, that I am drawn to a light filled space to live in. 

Something to look back on, this summer, to see if this theme is what I really accomplish or come close to.

The sale is ongoing until December 12th. Stop on in the shop and see what fifty percent off buys you!! Thank you! 

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