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Saturday, July 13, 2019

A Beautiful Saturday Afternoon

Here we are, mid July already. Had a slow start to the season. Strawberries just came in and Cherries are about a month out! So much for Cherry Festival last week!

Husband takes the weekends off, these days, he use to work on Saturdays but now he putts around the Holler catching up on chores that use to get away from him during painting season. 

As I tool around the compound I am delighted by all the nooks and crannies that can be carved out of the landscape with the chain saw. There went half of the Forsythia! 

The silhouette of the Heron standing with the Cattail is eye catching, looking out of the kitchen window. 

As always Mother Nature lends a hand in the garden, planting Black Eyed Susan and Foxgloves. 

I planted the Queen Elizabeth Roses and Delphiniums in the garden, along with tomatoes and Basil. 

Our garden has three tiers, trailing down the slope, framed by rocks.  There really is no flat land in between the moraines that run east and west in our holler. 

It is a silent meditation, one experiences, as you walk around the yard. Listening to the birdsong and watching the birds wet their feathers in the birdbaths.  

Summer is coming along slow. Had one beach day, so far, black flies kept us from staying and swimming. Compared to other states I will take this cool summer time weather and chill!!!

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