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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

On Our Way To The Beach

Pulled over to buy Steve some Sweet Cherries at this darling farm stand out in the countryside. 

This little farmer left corporate to live the life she has imagined. 

She not only bakes the sweets but she is as sweet as the cinnamon rolls she bakes!!

She, also, was sweet enough to bring me a going away present when I was having my good bye sale at the shop. Thank you Andria. 

Of course we had to stop at Inspiration Point! Overlooking Big Glen and Little Glen lakes.

From this vista you can also see Lake Michigan and South Manitou Island. We were on our way to the Empire Bluffs to catch the views over the Sleeping Bear Dunes, but, it was single file to the top of Mount Empire!! (Mount Everest) How did everyone find out about the easy hike and the fabulous views?

So we drove a little further down the road and turned around at a small park on Little Glen Lake. 

Back in the sixty's my second cousin, Harold, owned a motel on the lake directly across from the sand dunes. He had a bunch of children and we had a blast riding the paddle boats, around the lake and sitting on a water ski, going through the grass down the slope of the dunes with our cousins. 

Sadly, the government came and took the property away to make the land part of the Sleeping Bear National Park. 

See the land masses that surround this jewel of a lake? 

I may come back for a picnic in the fall, the space was so tranquil. 

Steve knows that there is nothing I love better than a road trip! Even if it is just driving around the county seeing the sights. 

We finally made it to the beach. Of course we take the scenic hike, over the dune, down to the waters edge. 

Along the way are yellow beach flowers that light the path. 

Up, over the dune we march until we see the water. Pyramid Point pops up to the south.  

Whaleback and the Clay Cliffs to the north. 

Looks like he found us a sandy spot to put our chairs up and lay our towels out. 

Never know what you may find caught up in the driftwood and grass. Usually a fishing lure or sometimes a pop can. 

Amazing how blue the sky is over the big lake. 

Mesmerizing, like watching the flames in a fire pit. 

Slightly gravely at the shore so I wear my shoes in the water when I am swimming. 

Stopped for a gallon of milk on the way home. 

So we drove the long way to the beach, all the better to see the sights and enjoy the views of our beautiful peninsula.  

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