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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Last Sunday's Hike!

So, it took a full week for the color to surface.

We were overcome, with autumn leaves, by the end of the week!

There must be color under the wooded canopy by now.

Down the two track we hiked. 

The magic had been done. 

In one week the Maple leaves had changed their color from top to bottom. A brilliant display of orange and yellow against the blue background of the sky, above.  

Made our way to the end of the path and came out into the field, to look out over the hills and fall colors. 

As we turned to walk back, the sun shone at our backs, lighting the path in Topaz, Citrine and Amber gems of fallen leaves. 

The further we walked, the more yellow the woods became. 


Under my Maple canopy. 

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