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Monday, October 7, 2019

We Took A Little Hike

We took a little hike on Saturday, 1.5 miles to be exact. The blow downs from the straight wind, that we had a couple of years ago, were still distinctly visible. 

The slope started out pretty flat, but quickly became up the hill, over the ridge across the fall line and up the hill some more!

When you looked down from on top of the ridges you could see it was the A-train to the bottom!!

Here, at this view, we are only half way up. 

Looking north to the Sleeping Bear sand dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan. South Manitou island in the distance. 

If you are familiar with the dunes then you can realize how much closer we were to heaven.  

We were up there, looking down on South Bar lake and the village of Empire. 

Quite a few hikers on the trail but seemed to be nicely spread out, on the path, so we had unobstructed views of the trees, water and sky. 

Remember, we are only half way up the mountain side. 

Nice that they built some steps on the steep grade. 

Steve and I kept on hiking and talking and laughing because of the endorphins, in our brains, springing to life!!

Oh Boy!! We are at the top looking straight down, scary!!

By the look on my buddy's face the view must have been worth the climb. 

As you can see from the half-way photos how much further up we climbed to stand at the top and look out over the world. 

There are dunes up and down Lake Michigan preventing access to the beach from the road. A huge body of sand dropped off by the receding glaciers. 

As we stood and looked out over the water we felt very small in stature. 

See where the tops of the pines are? It is a straight drop down to the lake from there. Visually, the barrier helped us feel secure, but I have seen the sand cliff break away and fall into the water before and have trepidation's of being up this high without a parachute!!

Heading down the trail looking up at the woods line we just crossed over. 

Half-way down, looking at the village of Empire through the leaves on the trees. 

Another couple of photos showing the grandeur of the moraines jutting out into the lake.  

The visibility was exceptional.

Back on flat ground!!

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