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Monday, September 30, 2019

It Is That Time Of Year Again...

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Life is for taking a break and we take that break twice a year. We go down to Florida and sit on the beach and watch the Atlantic Ocean roll in. 

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We dream about living in a tiny house seven months out of the year. All cozy and laid back at our "winter" cottage. 

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A small and simple life with fresh produce and seafood. No hurry, plenty of time to walk the beach. Long conversations about our dreams and wishes.

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Not really looking for the bright blue and white beach theme. With so much sunshine we like the dark, jungle look. Rich, deep colors and lots of foliage to shade us from the hot sun. 

The world to ourselves. Paradise found. Until it gets too hot and then we jump in the car and come home to northern Michigan, where the summers are green and lush and the beaches are long and sandy. 

Torn between the two worlds. If we had to chose I don't think we could. We love both areas equally. And really, they both have beautiful sky and  huge bodies of water, long, sandy beaches. Someday we will find the Florida house and split the time into two seasons. The northern season and the southern season!!

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