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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

I Need A New Computer With An Upgraded Graphics Card

For almost eight years I owned a dinosaur of a computer that had great graphics. I could cull through photos and see the correct colors just right. I also had a marvelous photo printer, ink jet, that printed my photos with the colors being right on. The printer has also gone obsolete, can't buy the ink cartridges. Both of these tools were not inexpensive for their time. The problem I have right now, on this computer, is that it does not see the colors as I see them. The red silk shade, above, looks faded, not rich like I see it in person. The Mad Cap Cottage swatch, above, is way more brilliant in color than what we can see on this computer screen. 

How does the color, above, appear to you, on your computer screen? Is it crisp, fresh, blue and white? Is the photo sharp? On my computer screen it appears sightly fuzzy. Not that anyone in their right mind would notice, but non the less that is what I see. So I have a difficult time going through my photographs, trying to balance color and light in the photo on this computer screen. 

I have been told that there are better photo apps that can be downloaded. But without the high quality graphic card I can't see that there would be much difference to what I have to work with now. By the way, I took some photos of "found" items, for sale in the studio, and sold them to two different customers! The owl was packaged up and out the door along with five lamp finials and a couple of packages of cocktail napkins. 

When I had a retail space and would move some of the pieces around, it seemed like, they were always the next items to sell!! The two eagle mirrors went out the door along with a pair of chair pads. The third eagle frame is on hold!

 Would appreciate some feed back on what you use for photography editing on the computer. I am leaning towards a gaming machine because they have such good graphics!! What photo printer would you recommend these days? 

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Anchor Cottage said...

Per Timothy; good, bright display, a lot of ram, an ssd drive, and a fast cpu. Going to check it out! Thanks professor.


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