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Thursday, September 19, 2019

I Believe In One More Beach Day

Since Sunday I had been looking at the weather forecast for the week. Looked like Wednesday could be the day. Steve said, "ok", and I packed the beach bag, one more time! I did have to bribe him with Cheese Shop Sandwiches to get him home by noon so we could be at the beach by one! 

I pulled on my "fall" bathing suit and layered up with a long sleeve, chambray shirt and a sarong tied around my waist.

The sun was warm on the pines and it smelled so good! I followed down the fragrant, pine sap path.  

I knew the beauty that lie ahead, up and over the dunes.

First glimpse of Whale Back.

The dune flower of the hour!

I am almost to the top of the path following my guide. Like I need a guide! 

Look at the glacial remains from another time. 

Amazing land formations.

The light and water were crystal clear all afternoon. We sipped Gin & Tonics, ate Cheese Shop Sandwiches and took a long walk down the beach. 

I think I am "ok" about putting the beach bags away for the season. If I sound a little doubtful, we have been known to swim in October! 

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