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Friday, November 29, 2019

A Hike To The Top

Rose Hips, I always look for the Rose Hips at the start of the trail. I never pick a branch to take with me, although I really want to! The shiny, red seed pods are so vibrant this time of year. 

Oaks, Iron Wood, Birch and Fur trees line the path, though the woods, to the top of Pyramid Point. 

The view at the top is overwhelming. 

We look down, upon, South Manitou Island and the Crib. 

Turned our backs to the wind and this is the view we see!

Trying to hold the camera still enough to take a focused shot! The wind is buffeting the long, heavy lens. 

I was too fearful of looking down the slope to the water because it was slightly icy, underneath the sand. 

Heading back down the trail the sun had come out and softened the ice/snow that coated the leaves, underfoot. Much easier hike on the way back to the car. 

The Birch bark had been cut away from the trunk of the tree, leaving it exposed to the weather. 

It appears to heal with a scar much like a scar on a human body. 

Steve and I celebrate "birthday months". His is October and mine is November! A very indulgent couple of months. One of our favorite birthday treats is hiking the cliffs that hang over Lake Michigan and then going to Art's Tavern, in Glen Arbor, for a cold draft beer and their hot and spicy chicken wings with blue cheese and celery.

Happy Birthday!!!

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