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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

What A Fun Little Christmas

Ha Ha! Merry Christmas! Steve brought home the best tree this year. Fit perfect...after we changed the living room around!!

We took up the sea grass rug and laid a brand new rug and pad down. Found another Dash and Albert rug for behind the sofa. 

Kitchen is undergoing renovation, Steve is building new counter tops and cupboards. We got a new faucet for Christmas! It's a humdinger, I will show you when we get the sink in, the sink that was in the woods. Lol, you'll see! 

Thank you to all who had the time to send Christmas cards, I love hearing from all of you. 

I saw that Bunny Williams used animal and African tribal patterns in her home! So I went and made a velvet, leopard skin pillow for this couch and brought up the Annie Selke pillows from my store room.  

I bought the first star a few years back and gave one to Steve's sister. Steve thought that they were so vibrant that he bought three more for Christmas presents this year. I hung an extra one in the window, over looking the woods. 

So, new rug, new sofa pillows, required two new pillows on the leather sofa and a slipcover for the ottoman. Lucky that I had this fabric in my stash and was able to whip them up. 

A big thank you to Jennifer who allowed me to sew along side of her, this summer, and gain some stitching confidence. 

So, as you can see, everything got moved into a new position. Moving my props around, I always say! 

The dinning table is now in the sun room, where we can keep our reading material at arms reach when we need to look up a bird or a description that has stuck with us.

I started this stained glass collection a long time ago! 

I found "Snowy Snowman" at Tom's grocery in Northport, eighteen years ago, when Steve and I were newly in love. It is the first decoration out and the last decoration to be put away, every year. I love tradition. 

Hung the wreath and garland to cheer the birds and chipmunks. 

All this before I got dressed this morning.

Merry Christmas to all!  

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