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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Summer At The Swimming Hole

The summer of Covid-19. The virus has caused a lot of plans to change this summer. We had the time to plant a garden of vegetables. Tomatoes and Cucumbers, along with Parsley, Basil and Dill. The herbs make a fragrant bouquet on my kitchen table! 

We were forced to find a new swimming hole. We lucked out, the first day we found treasures in the sand, which we took to be a good sign! Always a beach comber. 

Because we were forced to make a change in our sandy venue we found ourselves swimming after work three and four days a week!

Instead of sitting on the beach we now take a dip at the swimming hole then drive home and dry off with a snack and cocktail on our deck overlooking the woods. 

Change of venue, change of scenery! My Amaryllis on their sides so the bulbs will dry out and then can be replanted to blossom for the winter months!  

The porch has become the new beach where we can sit and read and listen to the wind in the trees! Yes, I miss the lapping of the waves against the shore. 

We may not have the water view, but we have the canopy of green. 

No complaining coming from this camper. 

That we can go swim, just around the corner, keep up social distancing, and hang our towels to dry is a gift. We are blessed with a summer at the swimming hole! 

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