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Saturday, March 20, 2021

First Day Of Spring

Looking down from Inspiration Point. The Sleeping Bear Dunes and the bridge through the narrows of Little Glen-Big Glen Lakes.

We are so far up that we are looking across the tops of the trees!

Looking across the water and over the town of Glen Arbor and out to the big lake, Pyramid Point and Whale Back! 

The color of the water was as blue as the heavens above.

Not a cloud formation to be seen. 

The reason for this spring road trip, around the county, is Steve got a tip that there were fresh Birch Trees that had just been taken down in a road right-a-way. We may have gotten there a little late because they had already shredded the tops. 

These are for a customer who would like Birch Logs in her Florida fireplace for show and tell. 

It was thirsty work as the logs were on the other side of the creek and we had to toss them over the water, to the roadside, and put them in the truck. So we called in an order to Art's Friendly Tavern for Chicken Wings and beer. Picked up some killer brownies, for desert, at the Red Gate farm stand on the way. 

A picnic on the beach!

Skipping stones and humming along to the music of the waves lapping at our boots. 

It was a crystal blue of a day.


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