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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sunday's Phonetos

You never know what the furniture Gods have in store for you! For the last twenty one days, Steve and I, have been on the search for a new mattress and box spring. Five furniture stores later...

...out of the corner of my eye, I spied a blue, leather sofa! Steve's eyebrows flew off his head! So I settled for a new perch. To think that the salesman, five stores back, at the Comfort Center on Division Street, told me I would find what I was looking for at the other Comfort Center on Garfield! I was pleasantly surprised. There were four or five pieces I could have worked with, on the floor. To think I had never been in there before!

March came in pretty quiet, like a lamb! Feels like March may have got his Lion on! Snowing and blowing pretty good this morning. 

Of course we had to change the living room around.

Look what Steve put together, this week! A customer had hand carried these tiles home from Italy and wanted to have a tray made. 
Steve is a man of many, many talents!!

Snow day in the Holler. I'm not sure where winter ends and spring begins! March in Michigan.

I have a thing for pencils with big, pink erasers! I have been known to give them as presents, all sharpened, bundled and tied with a bow. 

Sunday's thoughts!


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