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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Looking Forward To My Purple Garden!

Never got around to posting these photos!

Giant Allium bulbs in a row.

Purple Petunias.

New Guinea Impatiens.

Tri Color European Beach Trees.

I never planned on having a "purple" garden. I had planted the Allium about five years ago. Then, I planted the Beech Trees to help, visually, heal the gouge in the side of the hill where we excavated dirt for a project. The purple Petunias were the brightest color at the garden shop that day! I had to move the pots of Impatiens to a brighter space for maximum blooms. 

By the end of the summer I had the ultimate "purple" garden. That may be why I waited to post these pictures, because, I was waiting for the end of summer shot! I forgot to take it!! The blue Hydrangeas were spectacular last summer. 

Cannot wait to see if I can recreate this garden even better. I was always a red Geranium/yellow Petunia gardener in my former summers. LOL


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