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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Anthony Orio & The Goodfellers Play Panama City Beach 2011

The Goodfellers have a philosophy; Little strokes fell big oaks, in other words, forget American Idol, these musicians will work their way into your music files, one song at a time.

Jonathon Newton loves his guitar.
If the stage is rocking come on in!
Anthony Orio, country with a Philly twang.

It would help if Tootsies took down "Free Bird" over top of Orio's head!

Introducing Troy Nelson.
One venue at a time, one CD sale at a time one fan at a time...
Christopher Griffiths, one lick at a time! "Don't stand in the tracks cause I'm coming your way...can't stop a Freight Train." To hear more of Anthony Orio & the Goodfellers go to and find a venue near you!

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