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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Textile Arts Guild of St Augustine

Ladies spinning on a Saturday afternoon at the St Augustine visitor center.

Jan and Reba. I love that she is a barefoot spinner!

Elizabeth and Maurine, Scottish spelling not Irish!

Sharon and Candy. Candy is not only a barefoot spinner but a wisecracker to boot.

Barbara, Colleen and Rebecca. I told them that this blog is dedicated to my friend Sylvia who always tells me stories about her spinning group.

Made from the wool of eleven British sheep!

Elayne, Jewel and Cindy.

Nancy and Elenor just chit-chatting back and forth, no eye contact, just spinning away.

Robin and Pam. Look at how beautiful their rug hooking is. I asked the ladies if they ever go to Pumpkin's Patch blog and that they would find it very amusing.

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thecrazysheeplady said...

What a lovely place to spin :-). The rugs are gorgeous!


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