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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Perfect Desk

We had a request come in from a customer who needed an office space in his home. Steve and I meet with the gentleman and listened to his "desk" needs. Then Steve and I put our heads together and designed this unit. We stacked the file cabinets at one end under the desk surface to create more desk-top surface. All the wires and antennas are out of sight in the upper cupboard. The customer is left handed so we made a shelf to pull out for ciphering. Raised his monitor up so he could view the screen straight on. We painted the cabinet with Annie Sloan chalk paint and applied a wax finish. The horizontal lines are trimmed out in Walnut. We were instructed to create display shelves for his tractor collection, but didn't leave enough space for his columbine! This desk unit turned out perfect.

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Timothy Griffiths said...

This is too cool! Nice job, guys.


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