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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Putting Anchor Cottage Back Together

Mariska Meijers, Amsterdam 2011 & Henri Matisse, France 1911. The two artists set well with each other, even with 100 years between them.

Put all the folded remnants out, still working on the end-bolts. I pick these fabrics up in North Carolina and then pass the discounts on to my customers.

Gathered this grouping to take home for my bedroom, except, I sold the nightshirt yesterday)-:

Dang!! If I wasn't in the mood for color I am now!!

Working on the flow from one display to the next.

So far, the nautical chairs have been the main attraction.

Nautical world is coming along nicely, I will have more nautical signal flags in by May.

Remind me to tell you the story of the license plate guys. I sell a lot of their work.

I like this water color.

This pitcher and glasses are smashing on the copper tray and looks perfect with the water color above!

The last of the "Found" items to be invoiced and priced.

Worked all week to put Anchor Cottage back together after the big paint job. 

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