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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Good Morning Anchor Cottage

Now that I have sidetracked the camera problem, for the moment, I thought I had better get some recent shots of the shop.

At this point, the change of seasons, I am ready for the earthy colors and textures that autumn brings.

The license plate artist is coming in with new work next week. Good thing, as we have sold right down to just a few choices!

Orange, yellow and red, Sugar Maple tones. Think Vermont and Maple Syrup season.

I liked the new placemat line that I introduced into the shop this July. For coming on the floor late, they actually sold pretty well.

If I had a garden room I would hang this mirror and grow Orchids and African Violets on the pedestal shelves.

Happy to have my camera operating again! 

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Lynlee Sky said...

I missed you, happy your camera is working again!


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