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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Coco Sews Some Pillows

Counting down the days, I have left, to complete the list of one of a kind pieces for Anchor Cottage.

So I called in the big guns! "Coco Sews" is an artist who can take the material in hand and produce a perfected craft. 

With Anchor Cottage under going renovation, the pile of "Found" and "One Of A Kind" pieces are pilling up in my home.

Time to bag, box and take the merchandise out to the studio for storage until we can move into the shop. 

This collection, of pillows, gave me a great idea for a vignette in the nautical corner of Anchor Cottage. Must get my oars painted!

With twenty three days, to go, until spring has sprung, the fresh, beach side vibe of these pillows will have to fill the void!

Thank you Catherine, "Coco Sews", for the nice work you do.

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