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Friday, February 19, 2016

Never Know Where Your Inspiration Will Come From

Last week I stopped at Jackie-the-decorator's home to show her some off white linen samples. In turn she had been cleaning out her sources and handed me a Ralph Lauren fabric swatch of Madras Plaid, boy did it look good with the linen.

When I arrived home and headed upstairs to drop my bags I laid the linen and the plaid on top of my UK House & Garden magazine which happen to be open to a page featuring Christopher Farr Cloth, La Foret by Raoul Dufy. This is where the excitement starts! 

Lying next to the Christopher Farr Cloth ad were two pictures I had torn out of another British publication. One of a stoneware mug called Magda, made exclusively for Habitat, and a giclee print of a sign called Run from Archie Proudfoot.

Needless to say the components went together like they were chosen on purpose. Amazing where inspiration comes from.

Another weekend in winter...Stay warm.

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