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Friday, May 13, 2016

Wallpaper For A Bedroom

I am working with a customer who would like to decorate her master bedroom in all blue and white. So I went through my wallpaper books and set up a blue and white vignette for her to take a look at.
As we all know wallpaper books can be a bit intriguing and we can't stop turning the pages to see what's next! So here we go, she turned the pages and found this so very soft and pretty paper, and it almost took her off her tracks. She even considered how to work it in with all blue and white!!

After she left I turned back to the page that had stopped her in her tracks and decided to make a vignette with a large gingham check for an upholstered headboard and a casual striped cotton rug. Threw in some pillows and wished I had a place to use this combination! So soft and serene.

As I always muse,
 "you never know where you will find your next decorating inspiration!"

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