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Monday, May 30, 2016

Where We Stayed In Brooklyn

Coffee and bagels in the morning on the back deck.

Entry, first view, we were wowed. 

The decor reminded me of Catalonia. 

The whole room was one long and open floor plan.

Sleeping nook at one end.

A long, narrow living space.

And I was worried about having a decent mirror to get dressed in front of!!


On! Cool lamp.

Hung our clothes on the wardrobe.

Looking toward the dining/ kitchen/ garden area.

Six of these beautiful stained glass windows made just for this brownstone.

Can you tell how large the mirror was?

Where the buildings back up to each other.

Makes me slightly dizzy. 

An Iris at the curb.

The Sofia Inn.

Brooklyn, New York between Vanderbilt and Underhill.

On the way to the airport.

The traveling was uneventful. Planes and taxis, walking, it was all easy and safe in and around our neighborhood.
I would love to stay here again.

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