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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Marshmallow Snow

We had the driest, fluffiest, drop of snow at the end of the year. 

Zero temps with below zero wind chill. 

Then along comes our January thaw. 

Enlarging our heaps of the fluffy white stuff with moisture. 

As the snow absorbs the humidity it starts growing like a marshmallow, on a stick, over the fire. 

Swelling the landscape into puffy cloud formations. 

Not quite warm enough to melt. 

One of the fun reasons for living in the Holler is all of the old outbuildings in their different shades of grey. They are always an interesting photo shoot against the changing seasons of colors. 

What would we do without Big Red? I had to pull him off the bank with the white truck last week. He is our 1984 GMC plow truck. Worth his weight in gold! 

Snow everywhere is an understatement. 

We are heading toward forty degrees by Thursday and all this snow will change to water that will turn into ice when the temps drop below freezing. Something to look forward to, a bobsled run down the driveway! 

In the mean time I am enjoying the "marshmallow snow" sculptures on my walk through the woods. 

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