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Thursday, January 18, 2018

What I Have Been Up To!

Four out of seven Amaryllis, from last year, blossomed again this holiday season. Some years I don't get them to come back at all and some years I take them to Florida and plant them, but, this year I had great luck bringing them around again!  

Are tin men hanging in your living room? This Rosemary, that I gave Steve for Christmas, has the best scent when you rub your hand over it. 

About this lamp, sofa and pillows, when we were down in North Carolina, looking at fabric, I found this faux fur and knew right away that I was going to recover Steve's Victorian sofa! 

"Found" two crackled, mustard colored vases, in Florida, brought them back to Michigan and had them wired and topped them off with black gold lined shades. Stunning. 

Steve wasn't too excited about the fur fabric until I made the pillows for the sofa. The bulls eye mirror was a great find and will be coming into the shop this spring. The lamp is still under consideration as I have a pair, do I bring them to the shop or keep one at home? We shall see!

Been rather slim pickings, out in the antique junk shops, but I managed to skim the creme off the top!

Love having the down time, in the winter, to recreate the shop for the next season. More is coming! Plus, I am getting Shorebird Design Studio up and running.

That's been my beginning of 2018!

Happy New Year!

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