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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Textures And Colors for 2018

1807 Distemper Colours
Patrick Baty
So I have Anchor Cottage all torn up! What do I want sell in the new season? The color way is first on my mind. 

izabella szuromi
Soft textures in earth colors. The lichen green with moss green and fresh green, grass green. Brown, blue with green. 

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Jamie Meares
This green, this brown with silver accents.
Zetas Trädgård
Rough edges, soft foliage.
french market bag love

Once I have my visuals in sight line then they can translate into bedding, rugs, fabrics and lamps. The end result will flow across the shop. As I see, right now, the colors and textures are the hues that are seen looking out across the peninsula in these northern realms. The brights are softer and the greens are bluer with the lights of natural grasses woven together to bring around the look for the 2018 season at Anchor Cottage. 

We'll see!!

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