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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Spring Is Around The Corner!

vintage TOUCH too

Dreaming of fresh strawberries. They come right after the Asparagus! The first berries are the tastiest. 

Topiaire Extraordinaire | gardens_open

Waiting for the garden to green up and blossom.
Inspiration lane...

Everything is fresh and new when the spring season comes in. 
Let's talk red and pink on Valentines Day! - The Enchanted Home

Your nest needs freshening, scrub 'er down and sew new cushions to brighten up your red chairs. 
Love the little window above the porch rof
No credit found.

Fluff the porch cushions so you have somewhere to sit and take a break from raking up the dog poop.
It's Just Dottie: Easter
It\s Just Dottie

Isn't the little scarecrow sweet? I was on my way to the recycle shop with spring wear that doesn't fit and dressed my garden gal instead. She reminds me of my red headed neighbor! 

Snaccident: When you accidentally eat all the chips...

This is the story of my husband, who eats all of the chips all of the time! I find the empty bags under the seats in his truck. 

Snow flurries and thirty degrees out this Saturday morning. But I know, in my heart, that Spring is around the corner. Gotta keep that upper lip stiff and not lose patience with this long winter's hibernation that we, in northern Michigan, live through every year. Can't help the stiff lip when the wind blows cold! 

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