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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Last Week In March

It has been a spring ritual, for the last sixteen years, to wash the logs! First we vacuum then we wash.When ever there is a deep clean it means moving my props around. One of my favorite things to do.  

 This time I moved the kitchen fixtures into a different floor plan. Trying to make some sense of the space, as it is tough to move logs! Removing the large black and stainless box into a corner less prominent feels easier on the eye. This is the view when you come in the front door. I don't mind so much as it looks very easy and comfortable to chill in.

Cleaning out storage areas and finding surprises that you had forgotten about, like this dyed, indigo, sheepskin pillow. Thank you Annie Selke! I am currently knitting a throw with the stripes placed in a traditional "Hudson Bay" pattern.  

Faux forced, spring bulbs on the kitchen windowsill. The felted Oriole, with his head raised in song that I purchased at Treillage, in New York City, on a rainy Christmas eve. 

So we are now at the end of a five month winter. The ash down the driveway, for traction on the ice, is replaced by boards, so you don't sink into the mud when you step out of your car. 

Still I managed to slip and fall on some black ice coming down from the car. Slammed down onto my left shoulder and hip. Sore body and sore subject today. 

The happy part of the end of March is getting ready to drive to Florida for a much needed winter break. Sewed a new tote for books and magazines. 

Pine Cone Hill "Happy Fish" shams on my pillows and "Blossom" duvet cover on my comforter. They look so good together like tropical fish swimming in the coral on a tropical reef. I always bring my bedding with me when staying in rental units!    
Not only do I bring my bedding, but I bring my picnic basket with coffee, fixings for "Jungle Juice" and a sharp knife, two dish towels and dish cloths, a can opener that works! The little things that I find lacking in these weekly rental units. 

I stock my portable desk with postcards and stamps, scissors, packing tape and stapler. I add a glue stick and needle with thread to round out the "might needs"!  

A pair of beach chairs with comfortable, outdoor pillows, to sit on while we while away the hours, listening to the ocean. A breeze and some sunshine on our shoulders. 

Are we there yet? I am ready to go! 

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