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Friday, August 26, 2022

How To Grow A Gardener

Once upon a time there was a baby in the womb. Her mother was designing a garden center. To and fro the mother carried her child around and around the plant materials. Giving the young infant a trowel instead of a rattle. Wheeling her around in Radio Flyers, leaving the stroller at home!

One day the young gardener bought an old house. To make it her own she hung a pot of flowers underneath the gutter that was happily sprouting plantings on it's own.

Filling her trusty wheelbarrow she dropped off plants here and there in the front yard, humming under her breath.

Planting a Western Red Cedar named Whipcord.

Tender Cyclamen nestled in the moss. 

The mushrooms were curious as to what this young lady was planting.

Up the stairs and out to the yard pots of plants, that had moved from her old home, were coming back to life.

And because she was a Lake Michigan baby she had to drop her rocks here and there amongst her ferns and Dandelions. 

The rich humus a dark background for all the greens.

I truly believe that your life's calling starts in the mother's womb. As the mother grows her seed the planting takes on a character of it's own. Here we sprouted a latent gardener.

Whether it is music, art or literature what the mama is doing while the baby is growing affects the child. This is just my philosophy! But I swear by it!

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