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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

When All You Want To Do Is Go Swimming

Ouch, it is the last day of August!

Marking the remaining beach days on the calendar.  The end of summertime fun is hard to bear.  Our warm summer days, lying on the sand and swimming in the big water, are in the rearview window until next season! 

Maybe we will get lucky and have a hot September to pile up the swims to last us through the winter. 

I finished another "freshwater" painting. A picture of a greenhouse I want Steve to build me. I have a floor to ceiling, east facing, window in the basement that I want him to bump out a couple of feet. I am tired of hanging the porch ferns over the bathtub, making a huge mess shedding their leaves. I want to be able to winter over my Geraniums and ferns for next summer.

A girl can dream on a Wednesday morning. 


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