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Thursday, September 8, 2022

Haven't Been Swimming All Week!

Last summer I opened an account at Thibaut never thinking of where I would feature all the fabric and wallpaper books. After getting tired of stepping over the stacks, I came up with this system. I bought, lucky me, two walnut cornices, at the local antique barn and my painter put the hooks on and bolted them to the wall.

Ta Da! These are just the fabric books that are hanging on the hooks. The wallpaper books are stacked neatly in the cart next to them. As you can see I had a lot of trip hazards in the shop, it is nice to have them off the floor.

I took the display bed off the floor, to create more space, in this small showroom. Now the basket tables, that I designed, can be featured so they can be seen! 

I brought the bench in as a display piece. I am the fourth generation owner of this bench. My great grandpa, Simon B Schaub, built it for in front of his mercantile, in Lake Leelanau, back in the day.

Now we are able to walk, to and fro, the full length of the studio.
Nice being able to open the back door to catch a little breeze.

I have many many rug swatches!

Lot's of blue, my favorite color! I order rugs from 2x3 up to 9x12. I can get larger but don't have a good way to receive them, down here in the Holler. The Annie Selke/Dash & Albert rug company is the best! Best selection, quality and customer service. Their turn around time, if in stock, is quick quick!

Did I mention that I love blue? Well, I do. I hope this customer likes what I picked out.

I may have to wallpaper my bedroom in this stripe from Madcap Cottage. With woven embroidered linen panels for my windows.

Ole' Jackie the decorator had her fabricator make up some sofa cushions. She decided they needed a little something so she had me order the fringe. We'll see!!

So that is what a girl can get done when she is not distracted by big blue waving, did I say waving? Swimming in the waves is what I meant to say. 

As I finished writing this post I learned that Queen Elizabeth has died. Long live the Queen may she rest in peace.


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