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Friday, September 23, 2022

Autumn Musings

Hmm? What's this?

A fresh, new Monarch in my driveway!

The color was so intense, like a stained glass window.

Stretching her wings out to dry. She must be newly hatched. 

Lucky to have my camera hanging from my neck.

Up she flies to have a bit of nectar from the Verbena in my garden.

Oops! Almost stepped on these mushrooms.

The universe works in mysterious ways. 

Looking down from my balcony I spotted my, Queen Elizabeth, rose bush in bloom. She never has flowers this late in the season! 

But there she was. One main blossom and four smaller buds surrounding it. It was like she grew overnight. One moment she was dormant and the next thing I see is a stalk about 24" tall with all these pink flowers!! 

Rest in peace Your Majesty.


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