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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Post For Jackie The Decorator

Jackie would like to recover her dinning room chair cushions. I wonder how she will feel about roosters strutting across her chairs? The gold floral fabric is for the pillows on her living room sofa. She may already have this fabric in her collection, it looks a lot like her, when she is in her formal mood! 

A bench and a pillow for her NYC granddaughter. 

Jackie cannot wait to fondle all the new fabric swatches.

Twenty seven swatches cut on the generous side so you can really see what you're getting.

Funny thing about retail, it's not quite Christmas yet and I am shopping for spring. Makes ones head spin! 

Thinking of Judy F and her addition on her home. Which new fabrics will appeal to her? 

Then there is Mary Mary, working on her lodge, will she like a room done up in these patriotic colors? 

Blue and white china with sterling silver candlesticks on the cranberry silk for the Christmas dinner table.

Remnants in linen, naugahyde and chenille, enough to cover your stools around the marble counter in the kitchen, Micheline.  

The mans room. Would love to do this for T&G. 

Christmas is coming and this fabric will make two fabulous pillows on the red leather sofa. 

Bits and pieces in the remnants pile. 

Place mats, floral fronts and stripped backs, enough for a least eight place settings. 

Thank you, Captain America, for carrying all this fabric out to the truck. It weighs a ton!

There you go, Jackie, this ones for you!

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Anonymous said...

We just got this !hnf&$@? computer set up. We went to Anchor Cottage's site. We had a surprise when we discovered that we are going to have some new covers. How delightful. From Micheline and JacquelineX0X0X0


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