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Monday, November 28, 2016

The Silver Punch Bowl Story

Once upon a dad won a silver plated punch bowl playing golf. 

Over the years I would borrow the bowl and polish the heck out of it and use it for different functions in life. 

When my dad sold his home in Florida I asked him where the punch bowl was. He answered that it must have sold in the garage sale. I was so disappointed.

Years later I was in an antique junk shop in northeast Florida when I came across this large white box. When I opened it I found a tarnished, silver plated punch bowl! The kicker was that it came with a mismatched saucer for underneath. Guess what? That was how I knew it was my dads bowl.

How's that for a story!

A very delightful open house at the shop yesterday, all my favorite customers came in, ate cake and sipped Mimosas.

Thank you for the Poinsettia Lisa!

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