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Monday, November 14, 2016

Classic Queen

“A smile for my darling”:


Photo: Getty Images:

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Annie Leibovitz:

NEW OFFICIAL PORTRAIT OF THE QUEEN   Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom (born 1926) wears the Vladimir Tiara with the Cambridge emerald drops. The portrait, which is featured in a new edition of Keepers of the Kingdom, depicts the monarch wearing the robes of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, the most senior order of Scottish chivalry.:

Queen Elizabeth,:

The Queen (pictured leaving the Belgian Embassy in London after a attending a banquet in her honour) dressed to suit this in fairy-tale ballgowns and form-fitting dresses that showed off her hourglass figure:

The Queen rarely loses her temper. But you know it when she does!:

Queen Elizabeth during the Royal Windso horse show in 1998.:

I have a pinterest file titled, "It's Good To Be The Queen." It doesn't have a lot of pictures, there are thousands out there, instead the photos in the file reflect her personifications of being a queen. 

A closet full of tweeds and silks, pearls and cardigans, a pair of sturdy shoes. 

Not tolerating any nonsense in style but reveling that she knows who she is and will dress to suit the occasion. 

A stand up class act with a heavy crown upon her head and mantel on her shoulders that would weight most men down. She continues her reign with dignity and justice rising above the egotistical powers that be when one is queen. 

A roll model, a model of decorum, what is needed in America at this moment. 

Monday morning musings. 

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