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Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Saltwater Collection

Adding to the collection! I carried this photo around for two years and decided to paint it. The wall in the photo was white but I painted it tomato red to pop the sofa. Using this painting to inspire the decorating of a room called Northern Lights. Still need to order the fabric for the sofa and will not paint the walls red but I like the concept for the room. 

I have had a copy of this photo since 2008! Keith Burnham, from The Leland Report, posted it on line and I made a photo copy for my files. It is a picture of the pottery girl down in Fishtown. Just love it. The scene reminds me of being a little girl, in the sixties, and admiring all the artists on the docks. Ken Krantz had a shop named the Inter Arts Studio, selling art supplies, across from what is now known as the Village Cheese Shanty.

Love trying my skill at painting. I focus on the details and it takes me inside my minds eye. Pulling the vision in through my eyes, then running the vision through the brain and out my right hand! It is not an easy feat for me, I do a lot of erasing in the sketching phase. The favorite part is applying the colors of paint.

Hats off to Saturday! 

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