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Monday, October 15, 2018

A Photographer Shoots A Concert And They Threw Her In The Pits!

It is pre-concert and we are visiting the Will Hoge band, backstage in their dressing room. I asked them if they had heard the story about my purse! What a joker I am. (inside joke)

Outside of the venue was a sunny yellow peace sign, metal sculpture. Set the tone for the concert.

What concert, what venue? Social Distortion tour at 20 Monroe Live in Grand Rapids Michigan. 

No, not the Van Andel Arena, not yet! But right next door!!

A quick forty five minuet, rock and roll enema, they got all the music that mattered, out there at once. 

We had the seats, premium seating, it was called. 

And then, just like that, I was deep into a learning curve!!

How was I to know I had to be down in the pits to shoot the first three songs? I was shooting them from the seats at the fifty yard line until security threw me into the pits with one song left to play.

To be continued.

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