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Monday, October 22, 2018


When you get to design and build a kitchen for homeowners with great style amazing things happen. This was a fun project we did over a year ago and still one of my favorites. #bohostyle
I believe that my husband can build, modify, create anything I can dream up. I would love to recreate our kitchen footprint, he says we need more storage. Down time is coming and then we can get to business drawing out the new floor plan. 

Wren's Gate
While we are at it, how about modifying the sun room on the south side of our home? We have the windows and radiant floor heat in place. Tiling the floor and painting the window frames would spruce it up and make it cozy.

Dining Roomcountryliving
I would like to build a small barn on our property for housing an antique store. This could work. Plenty of light and wood trusses to hang the treasures from. 

Hudson Valley Sugar House In the Summer #kidsplayhouseplans
Husband is starting with building a shed to house all the tools we use to keep the Holler in tip top shape. Lawn mower, snow blower, chain saws, trimmer and leaf blower. All the gas and oil containers. Making room in the garage for his furniture repair business. Caning, weaving rush seats, painting and varnishing. 

I can see we have a productive winter ahead of us!

 In the meantime the sun is out and the colors of the fall foliage is breathtaking. Have a great day!

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